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O lado paranóico da política


O lado paranóico da política

As Chavez da recuperação económica

João Marques, 23.09.08


The law also gave the National Assembly the power to remove judges from the Supreme Court by simple majority, rather than the two-thirds majority required under the constitution."


"During student protests in May and June 2007, for example, the Directorate of Social Responsibility (the government body that investigates infractions of the law) warned stations about transmitting messages that incite hatred and law-breaking, and announced that the directorate was in permanent session monitoring media coverage of the protests."


"In March 2005 amendments to the Criminal Code came into force which extended the scope of Venezuela’s desacato (disrespect) laws, and increased penalties for criminal defamation and libel. At least eight journalists faced charges in 2007 for desacato, libel, defamation, and related offenses."


"An article of the 1999 Constitution which authorizes the National Electoral Commission (Comision Nacional Electoral, CNE) to organize trade union elections is a serious obstacle to freedom of association and collective bargaining rights. The Ministry of Labor has frequently denied unions the right to represent their workers because of delays in the authorization of elections."


Para que não nos esqueçamos que, para Sócrates, vale tudo.

"Magalhães e petróleo" são as novas regras douradas no PS, longe vai o tempo em que os direitos, liberdades e garantias eram uma das grandes bandeiras deste partido.


O relatório da Human Rights Watch em versão integral.

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