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O lado paranóico da política


O lado paranóico da política

100 dias de Bush. (No Texas)

jfd, 03.05.09

Interessante ler esta coluna no thedailybeast.

Deixo aqui o primeiro e último parágrafo.

O resto é só ler a quem interessar.

Esta treta dos 100 dias aqui e ali, concordo com muitos dos analistas, é muito artificial. Mas também, no rápido mundo em que vivemos, algo tem de alimentar a besta de seu nome média ;)


George W. Bush's first 100 days back in Texas have provided at least one surprise: The state's GOP shuns him. Forty years after LBJ returned in disgrace, Robert Bryce reveals W.'s rough homecoming.


Like Johnson, Bush was a flawed man with an outsize ego. But what will Bush’s legacy be? Waterboarding? Guantánamo? Iraq? The laissez-faire attitude toward regulation that contributed to the meltdown on Wall Street? Or will W. be remembered for spending 490 days—nearly 17% of his time in office—on vacation? A scant 100 days after George Walker Bush returned to Texas as a pariah, it’s clear that he will have to wait a long time for any possible redemption. And none of his fellow Republicans are willing to wait with him.


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