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O lado paranóico da política


O lado paranóico da política

E que tal acordar?!

Guilherme Diaz-Bérrio, 09.05.11


“The Greek government played it relatively straight but Portugal’s crisis management has been, and remains, appalling.


José Sócrates, prime minister, has chosen to delay applying for a financial rescue package until the last minute. His announcement last week was a tragi-comic highlight of the crisis. With the country on the brink of financial extinction, he gloated on national television that he had secured a better deal than Ireland and Greece. In addition, he claimed the agreement would not cause much pain. When the details emerged a few days later, we could see that none of this was true. The package contains savage spending cuts, freezes in public sector wages and pensions, tax rises and a forecast of two years’ deep recession.


You cannot run a monetary union with the likes of Mr Sócrates.


Em vez do País andar entretido com videos com piadas a países nórdicos, devia parar para pensar no acima citado - entre tantas outras coisas! 

Dia 5 de Junho não é um jogo de Futebol!

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